Pest Control Services For Cockroaches In Gurgaon

Are you searching for Pest Control Services for Cockroaches in Gurgaon? Well, you don’t need to spend more time as Godrej Pest Control Services will take care of all issues related to pest control. Godrej Pest Management is an emerging pest control service provider located in Gurgaon and Delhi NCR.

Godrej Pest Control mainly focuses on eco-friendly techniques and less dependent upon chemicals. The company focuses on techniques like Exclusion, Traps, and Surveillance. These types of treatment are relatively more safe and eco-friendly. The technique used by Godrej Pest Control is also known as Integrated Pest Management (IPM).

pest control services for cockroaches

About Cockroaches​

The word Cockroach is derived from the Latin word for insects known as Blatta. About 4,000 species of Cockroaches are found and out of which 30 species are associated with human habitation. In India, there is a total of 4 types of cockroaches that become pests. The best-known pest species of Cockroaches are
the German cockroaches, American cockroaches, Brown Banded cockroaches, and Oriental cockroaches.
These 4 types of species can be categories into 2 segments as Indoor Cockroaches and Outdoor Cockroaches. The German cockroach and Brown Banded cockroach prefer indoor locations. The American cockroach and Oriental cockroach prefer outdoor locations.

What Are The Features of Indoor Cockroaches?

As we have discussed earlier, German and Brown Banded Cockroaches prefer Indoor locations. Here are the few features of both types of Cockroaches.

German Cockroach

➜ Size: 0.5 inch

➜ Color: Light Brown

➜ Identification Mark: Two dark stripes on pronotum.

➜ Preferred Location: Bathrooms, Kitchens, Food Preparation and Storage Areas.

Brown Banded Cockroach

➜ Size: 0.5 inch

➜ Color: Males are golden tan and Females are dark brown in color

➜ Identification Mark: Both male and female have light-colored bands on the abdomen, wings, and sides of the pronotum.

➜ Preferred Location: Behind photo frames on walls, hollow legs of furniture, and warm areas.

What Are The Features of Outdoor Cockroaches?


Oriental Cockroach

➜ Size: 1.25 inch

➜Color: Almost Black

➜ Identification Mark: Wings of males are shorter than body and wings of females are rudimentary.

➜ Preferred Location: Location: Basements, ground covers, cool damp, garages, and drains

American Cockroach

➜ Size: 2 inch

➜ Color: Reddish brown.

➜ Identification Mark: Large body and edges of the pronotum are light-colored.

➜ Preferred Location: Storm drains, sewers, water meter boxes, animal-rearing facilities, and steam tunnels

What Are The Problems Associated With Cockroaches?

Cockroaches become a pest in homes, restaurants, warehouses, offices, schools, and any structure that has food preparation or has any storage unit. These tiny monsters contaminate food; destroy clothes and other household items. These pests are mainly responsible for transmitting bacteria that cause food poisoning.

German Cockroaches are mainly responsible for transmitting diseases causing organisms such as Streptococcus spp, hepatitis virus, typhoid, dysentery, and coliform bacteria. These indoor cockroaches increase the risk of asthma therefore it is important to get rid of these tiny monsters Godrej Pest Control is one of the best pest control services for cockroaches in Gurgaon and Delhi NCR. Stop the spread of diseases caused by cockroaches because there is a direct relation between cockroaches and allergens. More the number of cockroaches more there is a risk of allergens.

Why Godrej Pest Control is Best Pest Control Services for Cockroaches in Gurgaon?

Godrej Pest Control proposes to adopt pest management operations that are based upon the IPM principles also known as 4D Formula (Deny Entry, Deny Food, Deny Shelter and Destroy). These pest management techniques are eco-friendly and relatively safer.

Method Of Treatment

Godrej Pest Control basically adopts two main methods to eliminate the cockroaches. One of the methods is known as Gel treatment and the other one is Spray Method. Both the methods are powerful and don’t cause much disruption of the workplace or home.

Gel Application

The gel application technique is one of the latest technologies that can be used to eliminate the pest without using any chemical and other harmful substances. In this technique, a Gel-like substance will be applied to various locations of the house or workplace. This Gel contains a molecule known as “Fipronil” and the gel acts like a Bait for cockroaches.
The cockroaches get attracted to this gel and feed on it. Once few numbers cockroaches accept this bait they start contaminating other cockroaches and slowly the whole population of cockroaches gets infected by the toxic material present in the Gel. With the “Cascading effect” the whole population of cockroaches gets eliminated.

The staff of Godrej Pest Control is well-trained and specialized in pest control services for cockroaches. The staff will safely apply the Gel in sensitive areas like electrical console boxes, electronic gadgets, kitchen appliances, behind the refrigerator, etc. This gel treatment is 100% safe and odorless.

Spray Method

In this method, the water-based spray will be completed around evading level of the reason; the shower is additionally done in the space where cockroaches  pervasion and hideaways are seen during the investigation.

What Are The Benefits Of Gel And Spray Methods?

➜ Both types of treatment are based upon the latest technology and are widely used in all Developed

➜ These methods are 100% safe and there is no threat to family health

➜ Both the treatments are odorless

➜ No need to vacate the premise

➜ Proven and Safe

The combination of Gel Bait and Chemical spray is the ultimate solution to get rid of cockroaches and Godrej Pest Control will take care of all types of pest control services in Gurgaon, Delhi NCR especially for Cockroaches. Our methods of treatment are completely safe and effective.

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